Visual Identity of Taiwan Designers Week 2014
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客户:Taiwan Designers Week 2014

描述:走出舒適圈,跨越習慣的疆界,鼓起多一些的勇氣。打破固有邊際,讓更多可能聚集,我們眼裡看到的,將不再只有自己。 設計的呈現不該侷限於物件,需要被跨越的也不再只有時空和文化,還需要更多想法、方法與實驗的無限可能,讓影響的範疇再寬一些,關心的議題再深一點,考慮的層面更遠一點,參與的人群更多一些,透過設計跨越的特質,開啟無限感染力 我們希望讓設計走出這個展台,踏進你的真實生活、你所在的每一個環境,同時滲透你的思維,使設計流動在空氣中,不再受限於任何一個物件,使得人與環境更緊扣相連。

标签: Visual Identity of Taiwan Designers Week 2014 

UNLIMITED-Feel Connected

Get out of your comfort zone, break down the boundaries and find more possibilities. Design is more than just objects beyond time-space and cultures. We need unlimited possibilities and extraordinary ideas, new ways of thinking and more experiments. The characteristics of crossover design - affect wider, think further, feel deeper and get closer - turn on the limitless infectiousness. From now on design will bring more connection between people and environment. We look forward, out of the exhibition and make it flow through the air. Step straight to your life and immerses in your mind. We are not only what we see.

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