Janday Power Tools
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客户:Janday Power Tools

描述:Janday provides innovative precision for professionals and amateurs that meet the highest standards in speed, precision, and durability. According to the brief, there are three core attributes that are at the heart of Janday, they are speed, precision, and durability. Bears are incredibly fast, (black bears and grizzlies can run as fast as a horse, about 50 km/h), they can precisely catch swimming fishes out of water with a swing of the paw, and the beast is also very tough. I think these qualities of bear mirrors what Janday stands for, therefore it is appropriate to use bear as the main element of the identity. The saw blade blends in perfectly to the back of the bear, adding another layer of visual connection to the identity, further solidifying the concept of power tools. There is also one more thing; the negative space of the mouth is actually letter J and D. If bear is the cake, saw blade is icing, the subliminal J and D is the cherry on top.

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