361 Research Solutions
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描述:The Brief: This is a new research agency, aiming in domestic and international clients. It is an innovative agency, emphasizing in new and less expensive methods, such as on-line and social mediaresearch tools. We want to communicate something contemporary, innovative, youthful, friendly and powerful at the same time. Our values are quality, honesty, reliability. We respond immediatelyto your needs with a 24/7 service. The reason we choose 361 degrees for naming our company, is that we want to communicate that we are simple and different and have an holistic approach that has noboundaries.The concept: We wanted the result to have a strong impact, to be direct, recognizable and indisputable. Given the fact that this company specializes in on-line and social media applications, we created a design that could stand out in this environment. The challenge was to combine all the elements to one, and describe the way this company works through its logo; to describe the process. We believe tha

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