The Peony 国花牡丹推广
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描述:国花牡丹推广 这次关于牡丹花的推广设计除了主logo用了56个部分来创作以外还设定了一个“五层规则”运用制作于56个民族的牡丹花图案来提高接受度。为了促进推广,在周边产品的制作中使用了Riso打印机尝试了了大量的印刷试验,可用于制作包装纸,信封等周边产品,生成的错版印刷全部回收利用做成了环保本。橡皮章名信片的环节设计是为了提高互动参与度。 This project is devoted to the promotion of the peony as the national flower of China and is based on the Chinese philosophy of aesthetics. My work is focused on showing the maximal Chinese designstyle and preserving the regional features of the different ethnic groups in China. The peony is constructed in this work as the national flower, rooted in the Chinese nationalidentity. This project explores the different possibilities of this particular symbol,considering how the 56 different ethnic versions of the flower could make the symbol ofthe peony more inclusive and acceptable to different ethnic groups while still showing their distinctive regional features. Some peripheral products, such as wrapping paper andpostcards, have been produced to make the project more interactive and communicative, helping to promote it

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