City of Avila
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客户:City of Avila (Spain)

描述:The Spanish city of Avila was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its most representative monument is its Romanesque walls, built in the Middle Ages, which encloses the old city. The silhouette of the walls have become an image recognized worldwide.The city brand combines in a single stroke the silhouette of the plant of these walls with what resembles a thought bubble.This isotype carries the claim “think of Avila” which conveys an invitation to remember, to imagine, to dream... as an allusion to the past, present and future of the city. This is the reflection of a collective attitude which depicts the city of Avila as the sum of the ideas of each and every of its citizens.The corporate identity is completed by a set of sub-brands that are used to identify a variety of sectors and touristic products of the city. This sub-brands system is open, flexible and can be easily applied to new sectors. Therefore, this brand establishes ties with each sector of the city, representing its wid

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