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客户:Hungarian University of Fine Arts

描述:This was the school prject, when the task was to design packings for 3 different medicines. My goal was to create a clean and strong identity that reflects those diseases. My aim was to make something different. I would like to apply special methods, such as hologram sticker, embossing and use different kind of papers. Beggining I used the microscopic pictures of the diseases, as a sample. Hereinafter I created a frame, which forms are specific for the diseases come to being by combination of different tones, colors and lines. It was an important point of view, that customer recognise easily the medicines, however do not has a bad feeling to use it. Just on the contrary. I would like to reach that costomers do not afraid to use it any times if it is necessary. These medicines are fordiferent illnesses: Curiosin-for treating scars and wounds, Cariprazine- for treating neurogical disordrs, Oculo plus- for improving the eyesight.

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