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描述:Objective: create a logo and corporate identity store selling carnival costumes and children's clothing.Carnival mask — symbol of change of appearance. It is an integral symbol and carnival ball and magicians. It is a symbol of mystery and change the image. With the help of a mask so you can quickly change the appearance that the change will happen as if by magic.The logo is dynamic. Alternates are designed costumes for Halloween, game costumes, children's clothing.On the basis of the logo designed corporate identity.The second problem — the development of the design space of brick and mortar shops — small showroom area of up to 40 square meters. It was necessary to create a concept that is not tied to a specific placement with the ability to easily delegate the visual elements in different spaces. Interior should be versatile, functional and inexpensive to manufacture. The room is divided by a partition into two parts — storage and room for visitors to the goods and the dressing room.

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