Paper Up!
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客户:Koralevics Rita

描述:Rita Koralevics had unintentionally found that new and sophisticated way of reusing paper which resulted in her Paper Up! This name is for a collection of decorative and everyday objects which are made of paper pulp, sometimes by adding sawdust and possess the signs of handmade production. Smaller size trays, capacious vessels, vases can be found in her collections as well as serving tables, standing trays, folders and ceilling lamps in different styles.

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The logo of Paper Up! is based on the combination of the letters U and P that forms a jug. This jug refers symbolically to the brand that produces design articles (tableware, bowls, lamps, etc.) for personal use from recycled paper.

Inverse version for black background

Logo for Paper Up!

Identity for Paper Up! (Business card, envelope, letterhead, stamper, marker, sticker)

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