Vague Records
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客户:Vague Records

描述:Vague Records is my Bachelor on last year of College, it is about an underground music label that focuses on vinyls and on a specific genre of music, which is instrumental and is called post-rock. The reason i decided to create a whole brand on music, is because i was total free to experiment in a field that can be full experimental, which is music. But how can experimental design be communicative at the same time? That question has been the reason I developed a case study on form and typograpy, which their combination give dynamic, intensity and rhythm, just like music compositions. The whole project consists of corporate identity, including  logotype design, stationary, posters, various applications such as t-shirts, bags, stickers and badges, collectable items, such as packaging and book, artworks and packaging of them.

标签: graphic design  typography  music  artworks  posters  corporate identity  branding  vinyls  editorial 

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