Wood Arts – Intarsia Portraits
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客户:Wood Arts – Intarsia Portraits

描述:Unique handmade intarsia (marquetry) portraits.

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Wood Arts – Intarsia Portraits

Wood Arts was born out of my love of marquetry, which I have inherited from my father. I think it's sad, that quality wood products are becoming increasingly rare in our everyday life, a trend that may spell the end of this historical craft. My goal is to revitalize and popularize marquetry as an artform, perhaps reintroducing it to our households once more. I create unique marquetry portraits using carefully selected high quality materials. I begin work based on a photo of my client and provide a digital preview for revision before the actual handcrafting begans. The design is finalized during multiple revisions as necessary. Then the marquetry is made in any one of the three available sizes (12x12, 15x20, 20x30cm). Unique theme and size requirements are available on a case-by-case basis, feel free to contact me with the details. Laszlo Sandor

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