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描述:标识以“东瓯智库”“d”和“o”作为创作的原点,用方正的口字形和方点构成整体的形式,形式构成上具有理性的结构主义美学特性。 方形元素也契合了本创意园区的建筑特征,“口”字上方加一点,巧妙的构成抽象形态的“d”和“o”字,“口”字则为“o”加上面一点则形成“d”字, 此机缘巧合而互构成上下文关联趣味解读(“dong ou”首个字母的组合),同时“do”在英文里有着“去做”的意思,由此暗喻着智库的创意产业深藏着强大的 行动力。其中隐性的三个“口”蕴含着智库追求品格和品质的志向。标识的整体构成和隐含的意理具有神奇的禅意,凸显小而精,少而妙的独特气质和东方式魅力。The square elements also conform to the building features of the creative zone. The large square and the small square at its top skillfully form “d” and “o”. The large square represents “o”, and the small square stands for “d”. The two elements coincidentally represent the combination of initials of “dong ou”. Meanwhile, “do” is also an English word, which serves as a metaphor that powerful action force is hidden in the creativity industry. The three squares in the logo imply the Think Tank’s aspiration for character and quality. The overall structure of the logo and the implications it contains are magic, displaying the uniquely small, exquisite and excellent features and Eastern charms.


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