Balsam Pear Cup Packaging Design
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描述:This is a Lohas style product . The balsam pear of Taiwan is a symbol to express healthy atmosphere . The balsam pear has unique texture , therefore , this packaging strategy is carving the balsam pear's texture shape on the top view of packaging , and it can obviously show the clear the image of balsam pear. The material of packaging is wood which is a sustainable green material, and another green thinking is no printing on the packaging ,and it can reuse, for instance, tissue paper box , multiple function container , lighting box.Design Team / Kai-Ming Chan , Chia-Hsiang Chao , Chang-Bin Hou ,Zi-Yun Hsu

标签: Balsam Pear Cup 

Design Team / Kai-Ming Chan , Chia-Hsiang Chao , Chang-Bin Hou , Zi-Yun Hsu

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