Un día en el campo
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描述:A day in the country, is the story of three sisters who live in the country and will look for blackberries. Once the trip, decide to go to the site of neighbor because there, the berries are large and beautiful. Cross a fence and reach a full green robes of purple fruit craved. They dive into them, watching, collecting and tasting the delicious and beautiful fruit. Suddenly, this harmony is interrupted by the barking of dogs and scared, throw away his entire collection. Fearing a reprimand for having gone to the neighboring site without authorization, have decided that there were blackberries. However, they are not aware of the absurdity of this decision, as they have not noticed, they are stained with purple juice. Surprisingly, arriving back home, are revealed by the appearance of the neighbor who heard what happened with the dogs, has come to amend what happened, bringing a beautiful gift: blackberries


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