The Banh Mi Deli
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客户:Babanbè – The Banh Mi Deli

描述:We were asked to design a new Logo for the first Banh Mi Shop in Berlin. Banh Mi is a fresh, healthy vietnamese submarine sandwich, well known in his home country. made of rice flour. 3 friends decided to bring it over to Germany. Task: Design a fresh new logo, simple, recognizable and extraordinary which is suitable for a chain-store. Idea: We come up with a B as the hero. B stands for Baguette and Berlin as well as Banh Mi itself. Also it is a short version of the name: BaBanBè (which means translated: Three friends). So the base was clear: three times B. Solution: We designed a B with 3 arches instead of 2. It looks like a B, but it seems to be more. more taste, 3 times as fresh as a normal french baguette, and as strange as the thought of a baguette from vietnam. Also three layers are the abstract of the look of a submarine sandwich. And because it is a real delicious one we tagged it as The Banh Mi Deli in the substitle.

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