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描述:This is a personal project that was inspired in a folklore legend from my city. It explains the construction of a church that was made because of a deal from a man, called Cantuña, and the devil. Cantuña was very lazy, so he had to sell his soul to the devil and ask him to finish the church before sunrise. This legend is very popular amongst school plays, so I wanted to mix reality and fantasy.

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Cantuña and the devil meet for the first timeThe play starts showing a representation of a folklore legend. When Cantuña meets the devil, they make a deal to build a church in exchange of Cantuña\'s soul.

Building a churchThe devil and the little helpers work together to construct the church all night long.

Finishing the last detailsThe little devils hurry to finish the church before sunrise.

The missing stoneAt sunrise, Cantuña realizes that there is a stone missing. The deal is broke and Cantuña saves his soul.

The play was a success

Where reality and legend meetThe church that the devil built for Cantuña exists until today. According to the legend, if you find the missing stone and put another one instead, the stone will disappear.San Francisco Piazza, Quito, Ecuador.

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