CSM Beer Identity Project
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客户:Central Saint Martins

描述:Central Saint Martins is alive with different ways of thinking, making and doing. Across art, design and performance, their students create the ideas, materials and actions for a better future.

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CSM profoundly impacts students in three distinct ways: through hands, eyes and brain. To illustrate these points, I created a series of illustrations for the beer\'s packaging.At CSM, students have the freedom to create anything they want. There are no limitations to expressing our creativity. Whether they study fashion design, graphic design, industrial design, fine art, animation, or performance, they can use any medium or tool that they\'re passionate about to create art and express themselves. The possibilities are limitless, and CSM provides its students with the platform to make their artistic visions a reality. In my illustrations, I represented the diversity of the student body by giving each character a different skin color, highlighting the fact that although they come from different backgrounds and countries, they’re all united by their creativity and passion for art.

CSM offers students incredible opportunities to see the world in new and exciting ways. Students are exposed to a range of different forms of art, and they\'re encouraged to explore and interact with them. Whether it\'s through the library, the ground floor gallery, various workshops, or guest lectures, they have access to a wealth of resources that expand their artistic horizons. Additionally, living in London gives them access to some of the world\'s best museums and galleries, which further enriches their experience. To capture this in my illustrations, I depicted the characters holding telescopes and VR glasses, representing the way CSM opens up new worlds and perspectives for students to explore.

At CSM, students are exposed to cutting-edge designs and technologies that challenge them to think in new and exciting ways. They\'re encouraged to think critically about the world around them and to develop their own opinions and ideas. Inspiration can come from anywhere, whether it\'s a dream they had last night, a conversation with a friend, a line from a book, or a word from a movie. My illustrations showed how their brains are constantly buzzing with new ideas and creative energy.

Beer Packaging Design: Creativity, 2023.

Beer Packaging Design: insight, 2023.

Beer Packaging Design: inspiration, 2023.

Beer Packaging Design: insight, 2023.

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