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描述:Stylistic solution inspired by photo works of old masters, particularly the "Fork" by André Kertész. This abstract Picture Story of loneliness created in the spring and summer of 2012. Crowning shot of a young bachelor essentially sublimated from a series of still lifes, and expresses the idea of ​​a spiritual vacuum and the longing for a past love. Cold and minimalist schedule is in direct proportion to the game of "dead" cutlery and eggs - breakfast, as meager as the bare, cleansed of emotional empty space of hero's hearts. Ordinary and familiar to all subjects. But the brighter and more user friendly state of mind. On the face of static objects actually involved in some kind of game, a kind of theater: the appearance of the body in an empty space, a dialogue of tension and relaxation, frustration, dissatisfaction. Void. Loneliness. Sadness ...

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Pt. VIII: Bachelor Breakfast

Pt. VII: Sunday

Pt. VI: Saturday

Pt. V: Friday

Pt. IV: Thursday

Pt. III: Wednesday

Pt. II: Tuesday

Pt. I: Monday

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