12 rare animals calendar
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描述:12 rare animals is a project created for a calendar for my mother. Each animal depicts each month and has a story behind it. Some animals are rare worldwide, some just in several countries. Most of them are not usual and many people have not ever heard about some of them.

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Manul is a cute but wild-tempered cat. Also as a January with it is long-lasting festive spirit but cold weather.

Tapir had eaten too much during those Christmas and New Year festive meals. At the moment all what he can do - prop up the refrigerator.

Winter is already over, but day is still short and it is better to perk up before spring. So tarsier jumped into a coffee cup. However his eyes are already huge enough.

April is not a particularly outstanding month, so the griffon vulture decided to refresh himself with knowledge before the heat comes.

Oh my, the summer season is close enough, and the seal has been lying for so long that it is not ready for the summer season. It is time to do some fitness.

June is the time when we start traveling south more often. In the evening we walk under the palm trees. Oh no, bats are flying everywhere. Do not worry, most of them just want to enjoy some fruit.

It is not a dog or a cat. This is a kinkajou. In the summer we travel further and further. And there, in the tropics of South America, this glorious animal lives.

For those who could not understand that it is time to rest and made it to August, the octopus reminds how to do it right.

In many countries, the school year begins in September. Kitoklav also knows this. By nature it can not hold the beak and usually puts it on its chest. However these came out of the situation in a different way: one put its beak on a neighbours head and the other on books.

The platypus and the beaver decided to find out who has the longest tail and made a mirror out of trees. Of course, the beaver has a longer a longer tail, because in nature it is larger than the platypus. But these are almost equal, because I did not want to offend them.

Winter is coming soon and it is time to prepare the appropriate outfits. Here the booby took a can of paint and painted its legs in the winter color. Then it remembered that they are naturally blue anyway.

So another year has passed. After all those months we feel very tired, there were so many hard decisions and obstacles. From hardships we acquired a shell like an armadillo. However, no matter what, we rush for the Christmas tree and to buy presents. We know that there is a festive season and next year which is full of amazing things.

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