Pop-up poem book
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客户:University of West Hungary, Institute of Applied Arts

描述:This 3D poem-book created by pop-up technique was inspired by the twentieth-century Hungarian poet Miklós Radnóti’s lyrical cycle titled Calendar. The whole cycle is about the changes and movements take place in nature. The twelve unfolding, spatial pop-up compositions accompanying the twelve months are both illustrations and interpretations of the poems. The small paper creations reflect the atmosphere and cyclical nature of the seasons in a clear but lyric and sensitive way – as the poems it selves do. Except in case of the typography I consciously used no colours but accidental lights, shadows and contrasts in order to create a smooth harmony of „colours”. The result was a small creation that will hopefully elevate the pop-up technique – which is getting more and more popular in regard to both books for children and adults alike – to an artistic level.

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