poetry of the bird
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描述:关于第一幅的英文解释如下:Some thinking. The body and the fish and bird together, being the Venus flytrap prey, birds fly out from the chest, harpoon alignment eager to absorb the nepenthes SAP fish, mirrors reverse world. The man was bound for the sword cane. The pattern is infinite. Ants from a woman's body, baby face represents the empty doll body climb out of decentralized search search, sap, climbed up the sword, climbing the stairs. Capture and arrest, has been in contact with ...The bird as the starting point of creative style of painting, is the theme of painting, the bird is a mysterious animal, body size is small but always with people, and people's dream, fly has special association.

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Mr. Miyazawa Kenji's book, night of the Milky way, give me a lot of feelings after reading. One of the most memorable is the Milky way in the burning fire of scorpio. I am flying trip, I met Mr. Miyazawa Kenji Scorpio fire. Hope heart is full of the kind like scorpions.

In flight journey, pick up a tree to rest. Inspired by Mr Miyazawa Kenji's poems, spring and chaos. I walk alone Shura, chalcedony clouds flow, where the spring birds.

From Mr. Miyazawa Kenji's night of the Milky way and Mr. Hayao Miyazaki's small kiki. Follow the train for the world journey must be lonely and beautiful.


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