A Ming Tale of the Hampton Court Palace
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描述:According to Royal Collection Trust, Henry VIII is the first English Sovereign known to have owned porcelain. Another early collector of porcelain is Mary II. She amassed a wealth of Chinese Blue-and-white and blanc de Chine (white) porcelain. Both monarchs once dwelled in the Hampton Court palace, so it was not surprising to find some of their collections there during my field trip. With a closer look at the porcelain, one can find many figures wearing the Ming Dynasty outfit, which provides more historical context for these artefacts. Aesthetically, these East Asian collections decorate the space well and create an interesting contrast between different cultures. Thus, my project centres around these Ming characters on the porcelain. I imagine they would come back to life when the palace is quiet, and they would explore the space. I want to follow their path to introduce some parts of the court and examine how they might think of the space and people of the palace through a cultured

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1. Long long ago, three Ming characters, a literati, a lady, and a horseman, came to the Palace with the Porcelain purchased by Henry VIII.

2. Instead of staying on the collection shelf forever, they wandered around and built their new life here.

3. A major part of their daily life is practising Buddhism, and they offered fruits to the Bodhisattva statues every day.

4. Today, they managed to steal a pear from the Tudor kitchen when the cooks were busy preparing food.

5. Without anyone noticing, they secretly transport the fruit outside the room

6. On their way back, they saw naked statues, which was an uncommon practice in Ming Chinese culture.

7. Monogamy was another unusual practice for the Ming characters, and they shared very different opinions among themselves.

8. While the literati saw polygamy as a normal practice, the lady found that system quite unfair.

9. But one thing they all agreed on was that having an affair at the court was not that surprising in both cultures.

10. Finally, they made their way to the chamber and offered the pear to the Bodhisattva.

11. However, after the worship, they forgot to store the fruit away, and the story ended when a servant accidentally saw the pear during cleaning.

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