CalArts EXPO 2022
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描述:Reflecting CalArts’ experimental ethos, the Institute’s CalArts Expo features creatively adventurous and imaginative projects by students, faculty, and alumni representing every school at CalArts. Highlighting projects created during the current academic year, before moving online in 2020, CalArts Expo annually presented work by over 500 artists in 21 venues from afternoon to late evening throughout campus, including installations, concerts, dance, electronic performances, theater portfolios, projections, films, artist talks, and experience design. On May 5, 2022, Expo returns to campus in person. CalArts Expo 2022 highlights the immense creativity of the CalArts community and confronts new artistic and performative challenges of our current pandemic landscape in a profound and creative way.For the visual identity of the exhibition, we designed six Expo typefaces according to the characteristics of the six schools of CalArts, and applied them to a range of online and offline assets. Th

标签: exhibition  fluorescent  screenprinting  earring  laser cut  3D  dynamic  ink  organic 

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