Trademark for a Media Company
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描述:Naming and brandmark for a new advertising sales agency, specialized in the industry of digital publishing. Iklum, with an unconventional and contemporary neologism, propose itself as a technological partner for media centers, with an innovative approach and compliant to the new Internet metrics and to the most advanced search engines. The logo depicts a particular asterisk (that, typically, is made of five or six tips); but in this case is made of eight tips, each with a circular terminal part, derived from the letter “i”, initial of the name. In addition to the asterisk – that already generates interest and gives the idea of “openness” – the logo combines even more representations: a rudder, the glow of a spark, the twinkle of a star and, more specifically, thanks to the use of a specific tone of orange, the Sun, symbol of vital energy. The “rudder” also evokes values of “direction” and “discovery”, giving to this Internet company a market-leading image and the soul of an innovator.

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