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描述:Identity for “Brandroad”, an Italian audio podcast about branding by Matteo Lusiani, a researcher in Literature who has investigated the phenomenon of the brand and its role in society and in people’s lives. The podcast (a journey in 10 episodes with as many interviews with various protagonists of the Italian communication industry) is available on all the main web-platforms: Spotify, Apple, Google and Amazon. Brandroad’s identity was designed using elements suitable to connote the idea of a podcast that evoked a journey to discover the branding. The design of the logo features the initial letter “B”, drawn to evoke at the same time an arrow pointing forward and a road with an intersection. This graphical depiction of the road, in a perpetual ride and looping towards infinity, confirm the central topic of travel; in addition, the chromatic identity is made up of the combination of yellow and black combination, frequently used in road signage to draw the drivers attention.

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