Lifepoint Health
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描述:Lifepoint Health is a network of over 100 hospitals and 200 outpatient facilities dotted across the southern United States. Lifepoint is committed to serving their local communities, where, rather than the intimidation many patients feel traveling to soulless institutional hospitals in major cities, they provide quality, personal care close to home, making the experience friendly, easy and feel safe. We set about creating a brand experience to support this idea of heathcare excellence close to home with a logo and identity that would appeal directly to the local communities. The multicolored heart icon is made up dots that represent the regional network of hospitals coming together to offer care. The tagline Great Care Lives Here underscores the local excellence theme. With over 70 different facility names across the Lifepoint network, it was critical to create a symbol where everything from a pylon sign seen from the highway to the name badge on the orderly delivering meals was ins



icon set

brand guidelines



shuttle for patients

digital posters

hospital interiors

digital signage


digital experience

Pylon sign

Hospital interior

appointment app

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