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描述:Contemporary European dining in the heart of the bustling, cobbled streets of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. Belfast’s Hill Street, a vibrant area full of bars, restaurants, and creative studios, was once a cultural hub for makers and craftsmen. The Grade B building was suitably named Waterman House to reflect the River Farset that once flowed perpendicular to Hill Street; a transport waterway that allowed produce and equipment to reach the narrow, winding streets. This layered history of the area, combined with a no-frills attitude and a classic European fare ignited a subtle, contemporary branding direction for Crown Creative. A nod to both the building’s name and the movement of water was implemented through organic, custom detailing in the form of the Waterman’s signature ‘W’ and a colour splash of blue. Whilst a modern secondary font was realised in the menus and drinks list to reflect the minimalistic, fine dining interiors created by chef and owner Niall McKenna and his team.

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