Tencent core values
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创造年份:January 10 2022

描述:Tencent values are integrity, Proactivity, collaboration and creativity, corresponding to four animal images: giraffe, petrel, bee and dolphin. The four animal’s images are formed by English words of the firms value, layer by layer, presenting a visual experience of light shining inside-out. The design demonstrates the idea that culture comes from every Tencent person, and that their shared temperament shapes the face of Tencent. Tencent has branches in many cities in China, with more than 60,000 employees and visiting clients entering its office area everyday. Therefore, after Tencent released its new core value, the company required consistent images to accurately deliver the company’s culture to diverse groups of employees and clients. We chose glass to display our design in the core areas of office buildings in each city. Through the combination of the design patterns and the permeability of glass, we demonstrate the idea of openness and sunlight.

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