Grip innovative packaging for health products
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描述:According to research, modern people sit at the desk for a long time and use the computer mouse to work, and over time, it is easy to have palm weakness and palm muscle atrophy. Users not only need vitamin tablets to supplement physical functions, but also need physical exercise. Based on this background, a bottle design of vitamin tablets called "GRIP" was designed, the product idea is derived from the grip strengther, and the grip strength device and the vitamin tablet bottle body are organically combined. When using, just firmly grasp the handle on the right side of the bottle with one hand to open the bottle mouth and pour out the vitamin tablets. On the one hand, the opening method of the vitamin tablet bottle is designed to facilitate one-handed operation and increase the interest of the product, on the other hand, users can exercise hand strength at any time in their leisure time, relieve fatigue, use muscle strength, s

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