Mutine The Rebel Little Ant
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客户:Uncommissioned children book

描述:This book has not been published. This project tells the story of a little ant who can no longer bear the atmosphere reigning in the anthill and who wishes to escape the monotony of daily tasks. She dreams of adventures and sets out to discover a new world which is no further than the neighboring house where a family passionate about oriental culture lives. She explores the dwelling and crosses through time and space the border of another dimension where she shares the destiny of three exceptional women, the dancer and singer Joséphine Baker, the samurai woman Tomoe Gozen and the Sultana Roxelane. From her three trips, she brings back to the anthill her discoveries, her new knowledge and the colors of exoticism.The objective of this book is to feed the curiosity and imagination of young readers by suggesting to them, through inspiring illustrations, the power of dreams and the courage of these incredible women who braved their time. At the end of the book, a biography of the three rebe

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1st double page of the book. Anthill where lives Mutine, our main character. This anthill is located in the countryside near a beautiful residence. All the ants work hard

2nd double page. Interior of the anthill. We can see the different tasks to which the ants must submit. The ants seem tired, exhausted. Mutinous, brighter red, sweeps past the queen.

6th double page. Mutine decides to leave the anthill and discover the world. She enters the house and will penetrate into different eras thanks to artistic works and meet several female characters who have marked their time. She ends up living their adventures. First, she meets Joséphine Baker, singer and dancer.

8th double page. Mutine then meets Tomoe Gozen, 12th century Japanese samurai

9th double page. Mutine enters the parents\' room in the residence and admires a painting representing the Sultana Hürrem or Roxelane, wife of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

14th and last double page. Happy, Mutine decides to return to the anthill taking with her various objects collected during her adventures. When she arrives, she transmits her good humor to the other ants and transforms the anthill which takes on color. The Queen is ill and it is finally Mutine who becomes Queen. The last scene of the book shows Mutine\'s coronation. The atmosphere is festive. The other insects participate in this jubilation.

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