Engage Electrical
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客户:Engage Electrical

描述:In January 2022, this Electric E logo was selected by a panel of judges to appear in the Logo Lounge Book 13. It is an extruded E, that leaves a lightning bolt in the negative space. I had submitted the design because I was incredibly proud of how the logo had turned out. It was actually a rejected client logo, and while the name of the original company had the word Electric in it, the design did not actually lend itself to the nature of their business. So the client was absolutely right to reject it. After my video about the logo went viral on TikTok, several companies reached out to me asking to buy it. But because these companies varied so drastically in what they were able to spend, I decided to give everyone a chance at owning the logo and asked companies to pitch me why it was a great fit for their business. If I liked their ethos, I would give it away. After all, I had already worked the logo up into a number of formats, and with a little tweaking, a company in the energy or

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