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描述:Poster for Konvooi 2022. Konvooi is an annual multidisciplinary music and arts festival. Located close to youth culture centre Het Entrepot in Bruges. It provides young artists/collectives a trajectory, a budget and the responsibility to co-curate the festival. For the identity of Konvooi we selected a stencil typeface and started to deform these letters into almost unreadable shapes. We liked the idea that this deformation looked like wet ink dripping from a wall. The composition of these letters visualize a convoy. A shape or group of vehicles, normally used in military strategies, to benefit a defensive purpose. This project was created by graphic designers Corbin Mahieu, Otis Verhoeven and Lennart Van den Bossche. Typefaces we used in the design are Mineral by Benoit Bodhuin and Helveesti by ABC Dinamo.

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