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客户:Pilar Brussels

描述:Pilar wanted their identity to be a bridge between youth and science. It needed to look appealing to young people and to an older generation. So we tried to find a typeface that could to the following. We quickly stranded on a typeface called Architype by Max Bill. Max Bill was a swiss architect, painter and graphic designer who had studied at Bauhaus under the teaching of Kandinsky.Besides having weekly concert posters, Pilar also needed an approach for their festival. 2 times a year they organise a theme-based festival with concerts, performances, exhibitions, lectures and workshops, called ASAP. So we continued on the already existing identity and started using these fluo colors. We liked the idea that these festivals were special and therefore needed color, instead of the black and white approach. Again we looked back at our inspiration and found these graffiti tags in very bright monotone colors. For each theme-based festival we created these 3D visuals. Poster designed by Corbin

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