Poems of youth
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描述:The theme of the project is a poem about the ignorant emotional memory of adolescence, helping people to experience, feel and recall the beautiful memories of youth, and feel the unique time label and the most pure and natural emotions. Youth period of emotion is hazy, beautiful, green winding in our memory. With a poem about the emotional feelings of youth created by myself as the theme, I launched the design of devices, packaging and typesetting. I visualized the bright sunshine in the youth, the shadow of the lush trees, the sound of the piano in the piano room and the cicadas in the grass, and arranged a poem about youth. Through the display of scenes, I aim to help people experience the beauty of youth again and feel the exclusive memory of youth. I collected some pictures of youth and sunshine, combined with personal emotional memories of youth to create this poem, and made the device and packaging of lemon candy for youth memory items, showing the unique memories of youth.

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