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客户:括弧设计 khd

描述:设计一种带有陌生与熟悉感之间的字体,是我们这次创作的主题。手写的花体字带有强烈图形感,弯曲的笔画带有流畅的韵律。受到这类字体的启发,我们体会写西文时的感觉,在满足基本识别性与规范的前提下,打破书写时的肌肉记忆,使笔画的走势逆常规发展,充满了不确定性。同时不断尝试调整笔画的曲度,寻找图形感与文字识别性的临界值,最终形成了khdfonts不循规蹈矩的设计。Designing a font with a sense of strangeness and familiarity is the theme of our creation this time. The handwritten cursive characters have a strong graphic sense, and the curved strokes have a smooth rhythm. Inspired by this type of font, we experience the feeling of writing Western characters. On the premise of satisfying the basic recognition and norms, we break the muscle memory of writing, so that the trend of strokes develops against the routine and is full of uncertainty. At the same time, I kept trying to adjust the curvature of the strokes, looking for the critical value of graphic sense and text recognition, and finally formed the unconventional design of khdfonts.

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