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描述:In this project, I choose to be self-centered and express myself in a way that is close to my heart and comfortable. No matter whether this expression can be called "unreasonable", "simple" or "meaningless". In my view, the creative process is to explore the process of knowing myself. All project work is just a part of myself, don't need to be formalized, materials and methods, according to their wishes to complete the work, who can discuss to see, also can say like or dislike, but this does not affect the exploration of myself.When I looked at life and stared at myself, trying to find a symbol to represent myself, I first thought of my own name. Wang RuiHe. Name in the word "he" has grand, incandescent meaning, so the word "he" has become an important part of the logo, and because "he" refers to red, so the main color of the brand logo is red. "Self as the design center" is the Slogan of my own original brand, and I also integrated this phrase into the design of the brand logo.The "RE

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