ORIGIN元自 Meta-cosmic Nature Laboratory
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描述:The Zi in Yuan Zi means NATURE, inspired by the first letter N in English Nature, and adjusted to a certain degree of identification, so that the LOGO and brand name have a more integrated form of expression.元自中的自意为自然,用英文NATURE中的首字母N为灵感,并进行一定辨识度的调整,使LOGO与品牌名称更有一体化的表现形式。Yuan Zi brand homophone translation name from in the English ORIGIN in the first letter O as inspiration, and then into the cosmic galaxy elements, the combination of the two, let the LOGO increase experimental.元自品牌同音译名源自的英文ORIGIN中的首字母O为灵感,再融入宇宙星系的元素,将两者相结合,让LOGO增加实验性。In order to match the tone of the brand, the LOGO color is relatively soft green, so that the LOGO has more brand recognition and fits the brand core of Metaverse Natural Laboratory.为贴合品牌调性,LOGO颜色选用了相对柔和的绿色,再进行渐变,使LOGO更具品牌识别度,并且贴合元宇宙自然实验室的品牌内核。

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