Little Ondine 小奥汀
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客户:Little Ondine 小奥汀

描述:彩妆品牌小奥汀调整了品牌定位和目标消费者,并请我们做了品牌形象升级。小奥汀想要为中国95/00后消费者做“潮酷美妆”,鼓励他们打破规则、坚持自己的风格。斜切错位的字体与形状是这个新系统的主要视觉语言。中文与英文字体风格俏皮时尚又不失潮酷感。有节奏感的切割与几何化的字体使小奥汀的商标清晰有力。紫色和橙色的运用增加了视觉冲击与品牌辨识度。我们优化了笑脸符号,使睫毛与嘴巴连成“L”的形状,另一只眼睛代表“O”。Little Ondine is a makeup brand from China. It switched its brand positioning and target audience, therefore asked us to create a new visual identity. Little Ondine wanted to bring “cool makeups” to Chinese Gen Z customers, and encourage them to break the rules and have their own styles. The diagonal and cut off shapes/typography are the branding language we created for this new visual system. The purple and orange colors increase the visual contrast and brand recognition. The signature smiley face icon were optimized, to include script letters “L” and “O”.

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Little Ondine Logo Motion

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