INS VIBE 肤感系列香膏包装设计
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描述:INS VIBE氤未由Inspiration(灵感) Vibe(氛围)组合而成,含义为沉浸在触动灵感和想象力的氛围中。专注不甜腻的中性香,代表了一种沉浸于创意构想和氛围感的状态。气味正是年轻一代的日常心情写照,没有固定公式和标准,也和想象力一样自由不设限。 香气是肌肤上的灵感故事,这款名为肤感系列的香膏产品,在包装视觉呈现上,淡化产品性别属性,打造“拟体香”概念,模糊身体肌肤和香氛艺术的边界。以气味牵引多元文化,重新定义人与人之间的连接,很好地转译了INS VIBE的品牌价值主张——氤不同 未设限。INS VIBE is a combination of Inspiration and Vibe, meaning to be immersed in an atmosphere that touches Inspiration and imagination. Focusing on neutral fragrances that are not too sweet represents a state of immersion in creative ideas and a sense of atmosphere. Smell is the portrayal of the daily mood of the young generation. There is no fixed formula or standard, and it is as free as imagination. Aroma is the inspiration story of the skin. This perfume product named Skin Scent Collection, in the visual presentation of packaging, reduces the gender attributes of the product, creates the concept of "body-like fragrance", and blurs the boundary between body skin and fragrance art. Engagement of diverse cultures with odours, redefining int

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