Material Girl Rebrand
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客户:Material Girl

描述:MATERIAL GIRL (MG)是流行天后麦当娜为其爱女创立的时尚品牌。MG 刚进入中国市场时需要一个品牌升级,我们为其设计了 Logo 与品牌视觉形象。全称标识 "MATERIAL GIRL" 与简称标识 "MG" 的字体既几何化又富有辨识度。我们选择了三种绿色:祖母玉绿、深苔藓绿、与亮苹果绿。他们统一了视觉系统,与 MG 的复古运动风相配。我们用 "MG" 字母设计了三种图案,被运用在品牌材料与服饰设计中。MATERIAL GIRL (MG) was a fashion brand created in the US, by pop star Madonna, for her daughter Lourdes. The brand needed a refresh when it first launched in China. We upgraded the brand's visual identity, creating the full name logo "MATERIAL GIRL" and the abbreviated logo "MG". The typography is geometric and recognizable. We selected three green colors: the primary green, the darker forest green, and the lighter apple green. They unify the visual system and fit with MG's retro athletic style. Three types of patterns created by letters "MG" are used in brand materials and clothing design.

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