Local Colors
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客户:Local Colors of Southwest Virginia

描述:Local Colors of Southwest Virginia is a nonprofit celebrating the ethnic diversity of the 56 represented countries throughout the city of Roanoke. Local Colors was established in 1992 by founder Pearl Fu as a way of spreading ethnic awareness, the organization has been run by a board and steering committees of volunteers. Because of this, the promotional materials and branding were inconsistent from year to year due to different members working on it. The rebrand is built around the updated logo, where the "LC flag" logo was made from a 7x5 grid. This grid and set guidelines create a system used to create the 56 represented country flags. These flags, as well as accompanying illustrations and colors, are used throughout the year to celebrate country-specific events/holidays. Since the rebrands release, annual attendance at Local Colors hosted events has increased by 333%.

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Local Colors logo

Local Colors logo system showcasing twelve of the 56 represented countries. The logo system is used for country-specific events/holidays. For example, the \"LC\" flag is replaced with the Chinese flag for the Chinese New Year.

Local Colors poster series used to promote the annual Local Colors Festival

Local Colors website (above the fold)

Local Colors website

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