Nova Estetic
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客户:Nova Estetic

描述:Nova Estetic is a beauty center, in Marín (Pontevedra), specialists in Indiba and Reaction treatments and distributors of Mesoestetic.


After 14 years since I designed the Nova Estetic logo and more than 25 since this beauty salon was inaugurated, I received the proposal to redesign the brand in order to apply it to a future line of products. Supported by its current recognition and focused on the message of experience, training and quality assurance, I propose a monogram for which I create part of the serif typefaces.

Gift card with punched tab for closure. Inside, the beauty salon staff write the services purchased with a gold marker. The material is printed on 300g Gmund Matt cardboard. in digital printing plus a gold stamping, which gives it the perfect touch of modernity and sophistication.

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