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描述:LORING 是设计师XU LONG于纽约成立的奢侈女装品牌。 LORING的设计美学通过对经典艺术作品的解构与重构,对设计的黄金时代进行致敬,尊重传统和文化,用现代的方式对经典设计进行全新的诠释。 我们为 LORING 完成全新品牌形象升级,并为其定制一套品牌英文字体。 如同LORING的品牌理念,我们通过字体细节的把控去寻找复古经典与现代时尚的平衡。我们希望用字体家族中优雅且富有弹性的曲线特质匹配现代女性的独立精神,并通过严谨科学的结构设计寻找可读性与识别性的统一,赋予字体在准确表达品牌气质的前提下更灵活丰富的使用场景。作品简述(英文)LORING is a luxury womenswear label founded in New York by designer XU LONG. LORING's design aesthetic pays homage to the golden age of design by deconstructing and reconstructing classic works of art, respecting tradition and culture and putting a fresh spin on classic design with a modern twist. We upgraded the new brand image for LORING with a customized set of English brand fonts. In keeping with the LORING brand philosophy, we sought to find a balance between vintage classics and modern chic through the detailing of the typeface. We wanted to match the elegant and flexible curves of the typeface family with the independent spirit of the modern woman, and through a rigorous and scientific structural design, we sou

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