The Story of the Doggo Prince 狗狗王子历险记
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描述:The little doggo prince had never been outside of his land, all he knew about other animals were from his grandpa’s nighttime stories. In his stories, there were other animals, such as elephants, weasels, foxes, and panthers… They had different characters, yet there was always something rather horrid about each of them. As the little Doggo Prince grew up, he became more and more curious about the outside world. One day, with a magical feather in hand, he began to understand other animals’ languages, so he embarked on a journey with a special opportunity. As he encountered different animals through his journey to the world, he gradually learns that they are not what he has always thought...The story is essentially about courage and empathy, it encourages young readers to put aside prejudices, get along with diverse social groups open-heartedly. By cultivating a sense of empathy at a young age, they can learn to understand and care about their surrounding fellows. 小狗狗王子从来没有离开过家, 他的家在一片山林

标签: dog  children's illustration    儿童插画 

Cover design for the book.封面设计

As Doggo Prince grew up, he became more and more curious about the world.随着狗狗王子长大,他对外面的世界越来越好奇。

Sail to the Isle of Elephant. 去往大象岛~

Meeting the elephant king, the isle was covered in gorgeous colors from the sunset. 第一次与大象王的会面,日落的大象岛弥漫着神秘而迷人的色彩~

The weasels in exotic clothes scanned Doggo Prince from head to toe.身着异服的黄鼠狼们对狗狗王子一通打量。

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