Dressed In Stories
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描述:When you buy a vintage item, you are not only buying a unique style from a certain era, but also a piece of someone’s past. A vintage piece may have been passed on over decades and that story becomes an irreproducible part of the item itself. This project consists of a 1950s style fashion dress. The stories behind this vintage piece are memories of three generations of women who have worn the dress.

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The whole story revolves around a vintage piece from the 1950s. Using fabric as a narrative carrier, in the pleats, there are memories in the form of stories from the three generations of women who have worn the dress. It is not just an old piece of clothing. Rather the stories it carries make this vintage piece one of a kind.

The story begins in the window of a vintage store in 1995. The model in the window at this time was the previous owner of this dress. But all the amazing things happened…

The story of 1995 ends with a photo.

Time came to 2009, the window of the vintage store has also changed, and the story about this dress continues.

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