Hell Scene Painting
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描述:Since childhood, I have loved to read Chinese classics. Most of my works are inspired by those ancient books. When I was a child, I always thought that the illustrations in those books were so boring. I always dream that I can draw some interesting pictures for those classics, so young people and people of different languages can be interested in traditional Chinese culture because of my drawings. Different cultures and faiths have different visions of what happens after death, a common theme that generations of humans have studied throughout their lives. My project is to depict a hell picture by combining the description of a Chinese book, Hell Scene Painting with modern life. I believe that hell might exist in our lives and in every corner of the world. I can always find injustices to women or single mothers with children, whether, in the workplace or the family. And these women are suffering.

标签: Digital Illustration  Painting  Art  Watercolor 

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