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描述:In 1949, more than six hundred thousands of Kuomintang soldiers moved to Taiwan with families and settled down in Juan Cuns. No one imagines that the temporary settlement promised by government became permanent homes. On that special time, people in Juan Cun experienced White Terror. Pilots were called at night to do secret military task but might not be back any longer. Sorrows and happiness shared in military dependents’ villages become two generations’ memory which has been shaping Taiwan. With Juan Cuns being torn down and Juan Culture fading, stories of Juan Cun are rediscovered in this project.

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The arrival of migrations and soldiers from the Mainland

The children’ imitating soldiers’ training

Juan Cun during White Terror Period

Father on a mission at night

Black Bat Squadron out

Father’s name on today’s sacrificed soldiers’ list

The arrival of the first TV in Juan Village

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