Dang Shi Blvd 荡失路 Vinyl Design
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客户:荡失路乐队 Dang Shi Blvd

描述:荡失路乐队同名黑胶包装设计。荡失路 Dang Shi Blvd, 粤语意为“走着走着走丢了,迷了路”。设计中的主要设计元素- 脚印。 许多乱步的脚印混乱的重重叠叠,像焦虑的踱步,走错路,也像是很多人在找路。与此同时我将这次唱片收录的七首歌的音波形状加工处理后,变得像鞋底的纹理,我用这些“音波”脚步组成了“荡失路”这三个字。Vinyl packaging design for Dang Shi Blvd, which means "lost and gone" in Cantonese. The main design element in the design is the footprints. The confusing overlap of many jumbled footprints resembles anxious pacing, going the wrong way, or many people looking for a way out. At the same time I manipulated the sonic shapes of the seven songs on the album to resemble the texture of a shoe sole, and I used these 'sonic' footsteps to form the words 'lost'.

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荡失路 Dang Shi Blvd Vinyl Design

荡失路 Dang Shi Blvd Lyric Poster Design

荡失路 Dang Shi Blvd Lyric Poster Design

荡失路 Dang Shi Blvd Overall contents

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