Marshall Beer Package Design
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客户:Marshall Brewing Company

描述:Marshall Brewing Company’s goal is to bring the art, quality, and enjoyment of craft brewing to Oklahoma. MBC does this by operating with a highly trained and educated staff that possesses a passion for top quality brewing and will settle for nothing less. The company aims to be known as the premiere brewery in Oklahoma and to be respected on the regional and national markets as well. MBC’s development goals are for steady growth without ever sacrificing quality, which is the cornerstone of the product line.

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Double Tough IPA by Marshall Brewery Background: As one of the most well-known brewing brands in Tulsa area, Marshall deeply connects itself with the city cultures. Tulsa was one of the biggest cities who was once call “the Capital of Oil” in United States due to great reserves of petroleum resources. Though in recent years, the speed of city development has been reduced due to the running out of resources, the impression of oil had already been proudly imbedded into the vein of Tulsa people.  Key Message: Oiler Drilling HOPS Package Design: Vintage and Industrial style with gear element.  Key Visual: Oil drillers extract beer, which is as valuable as oil. The words in the KV show important years of petroleum development of Tulsa

Ad Copy of Double Tough IPA Poster

In 1897, the first commercial oil well of Oklahoma, which located near Bartlesville was discovered, bringing. hopes of becoming rich for localpeople.In 1905 — two years before Oklahoma became a state — oil was discovered on the Glenn family farm south of Tulsa, the entire oil-rich region was soon called Glen Pool. The productive oil reserves made Tulsa economy booming, attracting thousands of exploration companies.A petroleum engineering division was founded in 1928 by the University of Tulsa. The petroleum education of Tulsa is keeping top level among the world. Marshall Brewing Company was established in Tulsa since 2008, we are proud of what have happened in this city, and we always keep making best beer as valuable as oil serving Tulsa people.

This Machine IPA by Marshall Brewery Background: This Machine IPA was launched in memory of great folk musician Woody Guthrie. For the upgrading package version, the portraits of J.J Cale, Leon Russell, and Steve Gadd were applied, as they all have deep connections with Tulsa.  Key Message: CAN PLAY! Package Design: Portraits of musicians

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