Kolekto Jewelry
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客户:Kolekto Jewelry

描述:Kolekto hand-selects jewelry from independent designers around the globe who craft their pieces in small batches, often with one-of-a-kind stones. Kolekto means “collection” in Esperanto, a language designed to bring many different cultures together. So is the mission of this project – not only the brand promotes the jewelry lines, celebrate the craftsmanship, but also puts emphasis on connecting those independent designers across the world. The challenge is how do we deliver an elegant identity without sacrificing the quirky attitude of the artists that come from different cultural backgrounds. The results are a celebration of all these crafts. We managed to create a brand that’s feminine but not girly, elegant but approachable.


Customized logotype on the storefront.

The brand also takes on some annotations sparingly, as a means to reflect the sensibility of the brand: feminine but not girly, elegant yet approachable.

The results are a celebration of all these independent brands and products.

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