Macau City Go 澳遊·步行地圖
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客户:Macau City Go 澳遊·步行地圖

描述:一條涵蓋澳門半島主要旅遊目的地的移動步行旅遊導向系統。App 內不直接標明地點名稱,以特色來表示:如望德聖母堂表示成「中國現存最早的天主教堂」。當 App 定位用戶到達相應地點附近後,則會顯示地點名稱。擁有結合用戶拍攝的實景照片,易於分享社交媒體的打卡界面。用戶可查看詳情可瀏覽地點介紹,地點特色由來、地點發展歷史、各類活動時間表、以及週邊景點、美食等信息。在標誌設計上使用抽象化澳門葡式歷史建築感受的意象圖形,但在配色上利用了小面積的黃色作爲提亮,融合了現代活潑年輕的色彩風格。由設計風格衍生出整體的 VI 設計,創造了完整統一的視覺感受。This App is a mobile, tour guide system which includes the major tourist destinations in the Macao Peninsula.With no direct indication of their original names, the destinations are named after their features. For example, Igreja de São Lázaro is indicated by “the earliest surviving Catholic church in China”; till the users have been positioned near the church, the original name will be displayed.The App is designed for the convenience of sharing the snaps of real-time images on any social media. The users are able to get the latest information about every site possible, including the origin of its characteristics, history of development, time-table of diverse activities, nearby site and food, etc.In the logo design, it

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